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Let’s Get Serious About Fighting Fraud

Are lawsuits over sandwiches and self-serving suits over spam emails really the “fraud” we want the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act to target? We don’t think so. We think it is time to make some common sense changes to the law so that it goes after true fraudsters without incentivizing trial attorneys to bring self-serving More »

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Attorney Made Infamous by His Premature Penis Enhancement Litigation Now Suing JDate Over Spam Email

Businesses be warned, Harold Hoffman has a new shtick. A few years ago, New Jersey Attorney Harold Hoffman made headlines when the court ruled that he could not bring a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act suit against a company selling a penis enhancement product without actually trying the product. Now he is in the news again, this time for suing the popular Jewish dating website JDate for emailing him.

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No More $5 Footlongs

The jingle may be stuck in our heads forever, but the era of $5 Footlongs is gone. Subway has announced that “cost increases” are forcing it to raise the price of its special sandwich deal by a dollar. Could some of these “cost increases” be related to the infamous Footlong lawsuit?

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