Equal Pay Bill Would Presume Businesses Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

On March 14, the Assembly voted 54-14-6 in favor of A2750/S992, which has been described as a state-level Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The New Jersey Civil Justice Institute opposes this legislation, which is now headed to Governor Christie’s desk, because it goes much further than the federal law and makes changes to the fundamental underpinnings of our legal system.  

Asm. Webber delivered a powerful floor speech outlining the legal issues this bill raises.

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Rayner Defends Consumer Arbitration in Op-Ed

“The biggest opponents of arbitration are plaintiffs’ attorneys, who make their living in the courtroom. These attorneys are running a smear campaign against arbitration because they know that having a faster and cheaper process for resolving disputes will cut into their bottom line,” writes NJCJI President Marcus Rayner in an op-ed in the South Jersey Times.

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Pinkin Introduces Important Medical Liability Legislation

In order to file a medical malpractice claim, plaintiffs in New Jersey must submit an affidavit of merit from a board-certified medical professional with expertise in the medical procedure at issue attesting that the care provided by the defendant fell outside acceptable professional standards. The affidavit of merit is designed to limit frivolous claims, and ensure that physicians are being justly accused of wrongdoing.

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Data Shows Medical Liability Costs Continue to Rise

In 2015, doctors and insurers in the United States paid out over $3.95 billion dollars in medical malpractice cases, an increase of 1.68% over the previous year, and a continuation of the trend toward additional payouts after nearly a decade of decline. A closer look at the data reveals that the problem may not be rooted in quality of care, but in law and culture.

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