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Christie Outlines Budget Priorities

On February 24, Gov. Christie delivered his budget address to a joint session of the legislature, officially kicking off negotiations on the state’s FY 2016 budget. The legislature’s focus for the next few months will essentially be on the budget, as it must be passed by July 1.

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Ruling Highlights Inconsistent Evidentiary Standards

Earlier this week Superior Court Judge Nelson Johnson released an evidentiary ruling blocking two experts from testifying in the ongoing litigation over Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.’s acne medication Accutane. The ruling is further evidence that Atlantic County is not the mass tort hellhole it once was.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Voted 2014’s Most Ludicrous

A lot of ridiculous lawsuits are filed in New Jersey each year, but only one can be crowned NJCJI’s Most Ludicrous Lawsuit of the Year. 2014’s honoree, the woman suing Disney for $250 million because she claims the blockbuster hit Frozen was stolen from her autobiography, was just recently told by the court that she needs to take Queen Elsa’s advice and “let it go.”

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