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Abuse of the ADA Part of a Larger Problem

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does the important job of providing equal access, opportunities, and jobs to our nation’s disabled citizens. While it is imperative that the disabled have these protections, unscrupulous attorneys have found a way to turn the law into a money making tool.


ADA cases have mushroomed in California, Florida, and New York over the past decade, and as Charles Toutant’s recent article in the New Jersey Law Journal, “Fla. Lawyers Driving Boom in N.J. Disabled-Access Suits,” reveals, New Jersey is the latest target. To attorneys who use the ADA and disabled plaintiffs as pawns in a get rich quick scheme, litigation has become the goal rather than the means to a greater end. More »

Refocusing on Fraud: The Devolution of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

The CFA was enacted in 1960 to protect New Jersey citizens against deceptive business practices. As one of the first consumer protection laws in the country, it was heralded as a great success and served as the model for similar legislation in many other states.   Over the years, the law has been amended by More »

Court Decision Further Narrows Applicability of Liability Waivers

A recent ruling by a New Jersey appellate court will allow a slip and fall case to move forward despite the fact that the plaintiff had signed a waiver disclaiming his right to sue. This decision could have far-reaching consequences for businesses in New Jersey that utilize waiver agreements. More »