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New Jersey Shuts the Door on Corrupt Foreign Judgments

Businesses need no longer fear that adverse judgments issued by corrupt courts in foreign jurisdictions will be honored in New Jersey. As one of his last official acts as Governor, Chris Christie signed into law A2977. The law will discourage forum-shopping and protect the substantive and procedural rights of businesses that have invested in the United States.

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New Year, New Legislative Session, New Governor

On Tuesday, January 9th, the 218th Legislative Session was opened for the transaction of business. Next Tuesday, the 16th, Gov.-elect Phil Murphy and Lt. Gov.-elect Shelia Oliver will be sworn in. The following is a snapshot of what we know about the changes that come along with a new session and executive.

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Gov. Christie Vetoes Wage Theft Bill

Gov. Christie may be on his way out the door, but he is still paying close attention to the legislation coming across his desk. This week he conditionally vetoed a wage theft bill that would have exposed employers in the state to significant liability for the good-faith use of independent contractors.

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