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A Fraud On Us All

In her Inquirer article on the Consumer Fraud Act-based Super Bowl ticket lawsuit, author Jan Hefler optimistically asserts, “A ruling in the fan’s favor could also lead to lower ticket prices the next time the Super Bowl is held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.” That the court recently ruled in the fan’s favor is true. Whether it will lead to lower ticket prices in the future is a more complicated question.

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Report Offers Insight Into Murphy’s Legal Agenda

Gov. Murphy ran on a progressive, social-justice-orientated agenda, but as is the trend right now, offered few details on specific policy proposals. Until we hear Murphy’s budget address, and see his proposed budget, much of his agenda remains a mystery. However, we are getting some clues about what his legal policy plans are based on the Law & Justice report from his transition committee.

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Is Your Child Texting About Lawsuit Abuse?

Thanks to their obsession with texting, today’s youth have developed a language all their own. Most of it is innocent, but you should familiarize yourself with common slang that suggests they are getting sucked into dark conversations about lawsuit abuse.

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