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Does Atalese Apply to All Contracts? Appellate Courts at Odds.

Contributed by: Shalom D. Stone, Managing Partner at Stone Conroy LLC in Florham Park. Please email Shalom Stone or Alida Kass if you would like more information. Five years ago this week, the Supreme Court of New Jersey held in Atalese that arbitration agreements ­— or at least some arbitration agreements — are unenforceable unless More »

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New Jersey’s War on Independent Contractors: Criminal and Civil Penalties for Independent Contractor Misclassification Signed into Law

Legislation targeting independent contractors has been signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy.  Although sold as legislation addressing “wage theft”- simplefailure to pay agreed-upon lawful wages – the legislation was designed to deter the use of independent contractors.  This legislation criminalizes misclassification and other wage and hour violations – 3-5 years in jail – including good More »

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NJCJI’s Spring Luncheon

Appellate Advocacy and the Role of Amici at the New Jersey Supreme Court Registration is now open for our Annual Spring Luncheon, featuring Justice Anne Patterson. We hope you can join us on Wednesday, May 29th from 12:00pm – 2:00pm at the Trenton Country Club in West Trenton, NJ. Space is limited – please visit More »

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