The Truth About TCCWNA

Over the past few years, we’ve been sounding the alarm about the unique danger New Jersey’s Truth-in-Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA) poses to our state’s businesses. Unfortunately, it seems members of the trial bar are the only ones listening. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are filing an increasing number of TCCWNA-based class actions against companies doing business in New Jersey.   Graph of TCCWNA decisions.


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State Bar’s Annual Meeting Provides Overview of New Jersey’s Legal Landscape

Last week, the New Jersey State Bar Association held its annual convention in Atlantic City. Over 2,500 judges, lawyers, law clerks and law students headed down the shore in search of CLEs and the scoop on emerging legal issues. In the following post, NJCJI’s Emily Kelchen reveals her insights on issues of interest to the civil justice community that were discussed at the convention.

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Updates from the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting

This week the New Jersey State Bar Association held its Annual Meeting and Convention in Atlantic City. NJCJI’s director of public affairs, Emily Kelchen, has been live-tweeting information of interest to NJCJI members throughout the event. A full report of the meeting, including a summary of Chief Justice Rabner’s state of the judiciary address will be included in next week’s newsletter.

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