Marcus Rayner

Marcus RaynerMarcus Rayner is the president of the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute. Since helping to found the Institute in 2007, Rayner has established the group as the state’s leading business organization dedicated to civil justice reform and sound legal policy. Under his leadership, the organization has grown from a start-up to an association representing over 100 of New Jersey’s leading companies, professional associations, business trade groups, and defense lawyers.

A graduate of Washington & Lee University, Rayner began his professional career working for New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, where he helped develop property tax policy and economic development initiatives designed to improve New Jersey’s economy and attract business to the state.

Rayner also worked with Whitman at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he developed a strategic plan for integrating homeland security into the Agency’s core mission of environmental protection.

Immediately prior to joining the Institute, Rayner managed Representative Mike Ferguson’s Seventh Congressional District office.

Rayner is one of New Jersey’s most knowledgeable and well-spoken experts on legal reform. As such, he is a frequent guest speaker at both local and national events. Recent speaking engagements include:


  • Updating business groups and local chambers of commerce on NJCJI’s efforts to reform the Consumer Fraud Act.
  • Briefing the New Jersey Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Medical Society of NJ on the future of medical liability reform.
  • Informing the American Tort Reform Association about NJCJI’s work on fair fee-shifting.


Several media outlets have quoted Rayner or published pieces on legal reform authored by him. Recent articles include:



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